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TIER 2 | THE LOCALS MUG CLUB $45 / month

Monthly Product Pick-up

Each month, we’ll hand select THREE 16oz 4-packs of one of our most sought after flavors just for you. With our specialty release flavor program, this will include reserving you our newest releases before they’re gone. There will be limited availability of changing flavors, if you’d like, at the time of pickup.

$1 First pint, or flight, each week - for you AND a friend

That’s right - each week you can enjoy a $1 pint or flight completely of you and your friend’s choosing.

20% off all pints, to-go items, kegs, & merch in store

Yep - this applies to any pints, to-go drinks, kegs, and even merchandise purchased at any of our tap room locations.

Birthday Perks!

If you celebrate your birthday with us, we’ll include a 4-pack to help you celebrate. You can pickup within 3 days of your birthday. ID verification necessary.

Referral Perks

Everything’s better with friends! Have any friends or family you’d think would like to join you? If so, we’ll give you a free 4pk for any friends or family you bring.

Mug Club Only Perks

We’re putting together a list of exclusive mug-club-only news, events, merch, and more to be enjoyed by our biggest supporters, you - details to come shortly.

The not-so-fine print

  • $45 a month - Subscriptions will automatically renew every 28 days.
  • All members must be 21 years or older to join.
  • If you forget your mug at home, you’ll receive the standard 16oz pint offered in the tasting room, while discounts still apply.
  • You may skip, reschedule, or cancel your shipment before your next charge after the membership minimum length
  • Membership minimum length: 4 months for The Locals’ Mug Club.
  • Mug club benefits are non-transferrable.
  • Mug club discounts cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts, of course.
  • Tax will be calculated at the time of checkout; CRV is included in the product price.



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