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What Is Kombucha?

Kombucha is a fermented beverage made via the relationship between specific strains of bacteria and yeast combined with sugar and tea, then allowed to naturally ferment.

During this process, a film-like layer forms across the surface of the liquid. This film is a living symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast, or a SCOBY, and can be used to ferment subsequent batches of kombucha.

The fermentation process produces acetic acid (also found in vinegar) and several other acidic compounds, trace levels of alcohol and gases that make it carbonated (specifically carbon dioxide).

A large amount of bacteria also grow in the mixture and contains several species of lactic-acid bacteria which may have probiotic functions.

Now Let’s Make It Hard

Kombucha has become a favorite wellness beverage because of its perceived health benefits.

The beverage is rich in probiotics, which can provide your gut with healthy bacteria, which can improve many aspects of health, including digestion, inflammation, may also help fight several diseases, and even weight loss. Kombucha’s origins are said to date as far back as 212 BC during the Chinese Tsin dynasty.

All Together Beer

Only The Best Ingredients

Just like regular kombucha, hard kombucha is made of simple ingredients: yeast, bacteria, sugar and tea. The main difference between regular kombucha and high alcohol kombucha is the amount of added sugar, type of additional yeast, and the length of the fermentation process. While commercial ‘non-alcoholic' kombucha typically has one round of fermentation, hard kombucha typically goes through an additional fermentation step to increase the ABV.

At Local Roots, we take our time when brewing our booch. Using custom tanks designed for optimizing kombucha cultures, we like to slow down our fermentation process and allow our cultures to mature gradually. Making the perfect kombucha is a craft and one that takes time. With time comes authenticity, which is one of our company core values, and is reflected in each batch we brew.

A Beverage With Nothing To Hide

Less is more, especially when using the highest quality of ingredients.
Here at Local Roots, we’ve explored the globe in search of the best and finest contents to add to our booch. From the teas of India and China to the ginger of Peru, we have handpicked our ingredients to craft a better-for-you adult beverage filled with all the benefits of regular kombucha but with zero compromise on taste.


A select group of herbs that have the ability to “adapt” their function in order to promote and restore the specific needs of the body. We brew our kombucha with you in mind, which is why we create flavor combinations that produce the most beneficial effects.


Our hand-crafted booch is loaded with probiotics, which promote a healthy balance of gut bacteria and have many proven health benefits. Studies have shown that the more balanced the bacteria in your gut is, the healthier you are. We brew our kombucha with your gut in mind in order to provide a better-for-you drinking experience.


Probiotics make our booch a living beverage. These cultures become more active at warmer temperatures, which is why we say to keep ours cold. Our booch is super chill so we want to keep it that way.

When You Got It, Flaunt It!

We’re proud to say that our kombucha is USDA organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, and kosher. Not only do we use the best ingredients out there, but our USDA organic certification claims that each one of those ingredients was handled with the highest standards of cleanliness from the field to your can.

.......It’s kind of a big deal.

Flaunt It

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