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Our Mission

Local Roots began with the simple goal of creating a better-for-you alcohol that gives back to the local community as much as it does your gut.

We brew the AUTHENTIC, BOLD, and BEST-TASTING hard kombucha foreveryone to enjoy.

Founders Story

Our brand story began with cousins Ryan White & Joe Carmichael, who shared a passion for health and wellness. Each had a personal situation which caused them to revisit their lifestyle and relationship with food & beverages.

Why We Brew

What began as a newfound love for clean eating and cold pressed juicing turned into Ryan and Joe brewing kombucha at home in their personal kitchens. This process ultimately led to the birth of Local Roots, and the company was then founded in 2017.

After taking time to better understand the process of commercial brewing, canning and growing a business to share products with the local San Diego community, Local Roots hit shelves in late 2019.

It’s been a labor of love ever since as our brand continues to grow & evolve with Joe & Ryan at the helm, working diligently to keep the same sense of local community & culture they set out to encompass when the brand was just an idea.

Why Local Roots?

The name Local Roots was derived from our passion for bringing people together, sharing and instilling a sense of community.

The word ‘local’ is defined by belonging or relating to a particular area or neighborhood, while ‘roots’ is defined as being established deeply with a purpose.

Our name is our badge on honor and our brand ethos is centered around always abiding by the culture personified in our brand name.

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